Update About Puppy Applications

With an unprecedented number of puppy inquiries since Covid came to Western Canada, I removed my webform application. I am still breeding, but it has been limited, for referral or repeat clients only.

For 2022 litters, I am taking applications again after two years. Please realize, I am not mass-producing puppies, they are my beloved HOME COMPANION PETS first, show dogs second. I want them to live comfortably and properly cared for in our home environment.  I don’t have a lot of females breeding, and they have small litters. This means LIMITED puppies available per year (averaging 8-10). You will have to be patient for your new family member. Also you will need to come my home east of Calgary, Alberta for a face-to-face visit in our home (once it is safe to do so, or Facetime may be an option for initial visit).

Please reach out to me about a puppy through my Facebook page via PM (private message).


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