Update About Puppy Applications

2023 marked my 40th Anniversary exclusively showing & breeding top-quality, beautiful, CORRECT Yorkshire Terriers for show exhibitors & the discerning pet owner. Yorkhaven is one of the top reputable and respected kennel names in Canada, the US, and other countries in the world of showing. Our pet owners know all of our Yorkies are our beloved companion pets first, show dogs second. BUT we are winding down and only have one or two litters per year now. We do not keep wait lists, rather we take only a small number of deposits based on what we expect to have in puppies in the few months to follow. 

 AS OF FEB 2024  ONE GIRL PREGNANT BUT 2 DEPOSITS FOR GIRLS ARE ALREADY IN PLACE. Check back mid-April as there may be a boy or two available to reserve. I don't keep a waitlist, I only take deposits reserving a puppy wh enI am expecting to have something within the next few months. NEXT LITTER - Expecting another girl to come into heat around May longweekend. Check back end of June for availability to reserve.

I am also looking to place a 4-YR OLD NICE BOY WHO NEEDS TO STAY INTACT FOR AWHILE YET. He is a laid back, happy and LAP-LOVING CUDDLER looking for an experienced owner who will make him their #1 cuddler. SEE MORE DETAILS AT www.cyta.ca under adults available. Message me through my facebook page for more details.

Please always keep in mind. When choosing a breeder with a potential family member for you, try to visit in their home or at least by video call; observe all puppies and adults health & temperament & how a breeder is treating/testing their breeding adults and what methods they use for raising puppies. Realize breeders who also show their dogs are breeding responsibly and every litter will be about quality and health, NOT money. Showing is a very expensive dog sport and leaves little room for profit. There are enough dogs in Rescue that we are not adding to that - we breed for a purpose of sustaining and improving the breed through selective educated ethical breeding.

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