Link wins Best Puppy in GROUP at Canada's Purina National Specialty Show


Update About Puppy Applications

2023 marked my 40th Anniversary exclusively showing & breeding top-quality, beautiful, CORRECT Yorkshire Terriers for show exhibitors & the discerning pet owner. Yorkhaven is one of the top reputable and respected kennel names in Canada, the US, and other countries. Our Yorkies are our beloved pets first, show dogs second. We keep show/breed prospects for ourselves and the rest are sold as companion pets even though they come from the same litters as our show dogs and from champion bloodlines.

UPDATE: ONE SMALLER BOY NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE LITTER BORN MARCH 01/24. Charting to mature about 5 Lbs. Very sweet boy, very pretty of course. Send me an email if seriously interested to yorkhavenyorkies at gmail dot com (purposely written this way to avoid spam)

NEXT LITTER - Expecting another girl to come into heat around the end of May, beginning of June 2024 and another girl around end of August.

Please always keep in mind. When choosing a breeder with a potential family member for you, try to visit in their home or at least by video call; observe all puppies and adults health & temperament & how a breeder is treating/testing their breeding adults and what methods they use for raising puppies. Realize breeders who also show their dogs are STEWARDS of the breed, following further Code of Ethics and Practices, breeding responsibly and every litter will be about quality and health. There is no profit if you are involved in the sport world of dogs (CKC Sanctioned Shows and Events). This is not about profit from sales of puppies. There are enough dogs in Rescue - we breed for the purpose of sustaining and improving the breed through selective, educated, experienced ethical breeding.

Gigi and Me at the Red Deer dog show

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