This page is dedicated to our new pet puppy parents! Photos are taken the day pup goes home, or have been supplied later by the the proud parents.

We wish to encourage you to read through some testimonials from folks who have one (or more) of our Yorkies to get a feel for what we are all about here at Yorkhaven.

We are very proud of all our pups and wish to THANK ALL of our parents who give our babies so much love!

If you have one of our Yorkies and would like his/her picture to be shown on this page, please feel free to contact us.



Little Aine ( pronounced like Enya ) came to be with us as a gift from our daughter, Marie-Claire. We were previous owners of a Yorkie so understood the love these little ones bring to your life. After so many years, here again was a little girl coming at a much needed time in my life.

After researching local and Alberta breeders we chose to visit with Cathy and her Yorkies in Standard, Alberta. I think Cathy was as choosy in picking an owner for her babies as I was in choosing a breeder for my new puppy! Yorkhaven proved to be truly concerned about the welfare of their dogs!

Peter and I were won over by Cathy’s genuine care and concern for both the pups and the homes to where they were going. I felt secure fairly quickly that we were dealing with a special high-quality breeder.

Over the years Cathy has been there for any concerns; answers our questions promptly and has a high degree of knowledge about Yorkshire Terriers. Cathy has been a willing ongoing resource and we have used her for boarding. (She only boards her own Yorkies.) Cathy is skilled in Yorkie Care and offers her advice in all areas of care willingly. Cathy also was the only breeder we found that offered a two year health guarantee on her puppies at the time.

We highly recommend Cathy and would rate Yorkhaven Kennels A+.

Barbara & Peter, Calgary AB


It is very hard to put in the words what Emma means to us. We were happy to become parents to Emma, a 5 month old Yorkie girl from Yorkhaven. Emma became part of our family almost immediately and she has been very trainable. We have not had a dull moment since.

Thank you. Milada and Hank


Hi Cathy & Ed, Just wanted to thank you again for bringing little Shadow into our lives. She’s got to be the sweetest little girl on the face of this earth!

Best regards, Ray Griff, Calgary AB


I had purchased a yorkie from Cathy and her Mother over 20 years ago in 1995 and in my mind there was no other breeder that would suit my needs as I ended up with a lovely, healthy dog. Cathy is passionate about the breed and if you are looking for a healthy and well socialized puppy you need look no further. Her knowledge is always growing and her dedication is second to none. To this day (2018) she is always there to answer any questions that pop up.

In May of 2011 I flew out to Calgary from Vancouver Island to pick up Howie, our latest yorkie from “Yorkhaven”. I’m proud to be the owner of another Yorkhaven puppy all these years later and without hesitation, we have gone on to recommend Cathy’s dogs to others who have their own Yorkhaven Yorkie now too!

Sincerely, Pearl, Qualicum Beach, BC


When we met Cathy for our interview we where impressed with her puppies and knowledge. Chase licked Gerry’s ear and that was it, he was to be ours. He as been a truly healthy, joyful playful and happy intelligent puppy. Chase has taken over our home and our hearts and he pretty much owns us. He is the best puppy/dog that we have had. We laugh and get cuddles and kisses everyday. He is the king of our castle and we love him dearly.

Cathy is helpful and has answered a few questions for us and her advice has been great. We will never regret our decision to buy from Cathy and if ever we want another Yorkie we will again buy from Cathy. Whenever anyone ask where we got Chase we are proud to say from Yorkhaven and recommend the web site.

Thanks Cathy for our Chase.


My husband Landon and I were thrilled to become parents to our first Yorkie pup and have absolutely LOVED every minute of it (except potty training!) Our little girl Spirit is a tiny, 3lb bundle of energy with a gigantic personality. She, without fail, makes us laugh every single day with her funny little habits and her adorable looks. Spirit, whose name we kept after Cathy named the litter after the Olympics, certainly lives up to her name – a loving, sweet and playful puppy. She truly melts everyone’s hearts.

With this being our first dog, Cathy has been an absolute blessing! She has true passion and dedication to every pup she breeds and always has everyone’s best interest at heart – both owner and pup! Cathy and her family are quick to offer advice, guidance, friendship and support every step of the way which definitely eases any uncertainty, worries or concerns. We continually turn to Cathy for support.

We are so extremely grateful to have become parents to a Yorkie from Yorkhaven!!

Regan & Landon, Calgary, AB

Lollipop & Beej

My name is Sandi and I have three yorkies now over the last few years; one is my boy Beej and the other is Lollipop, a retired female from Cathy. Now I also have Gidget, Lolli’s daughter. I have been going to shows for years and have met many breeders. (There are not many reputable ones out there, I speak from experience) When I met Cathy it was at one of the shows. There are many things that helped me choose her as the breeder of my first fur baby, Beej; her love of the breed, her extensive knowledge and how much she cares about placing the right pup in the right home. She is not just a breeder looking for a sale. Her way of getting to know potential owners and helping people get to know the breed is one of the things that made me want to know more about her dogs. Cathy’s way of handling, socializing and caring for them makes them great pets. I find her very open & honest, with a great love for her dogs. Her heart is in each & every one of her yorkies.

Sandi, Calgary


Our Yorkie, “Harlee” is so darn cute and we can’t imagine life without him. When he had his first examination by our vet here in Cochrane, the Dr. remarked, “he’s a quality dog” He IS quality in every aspect to his personality, love of people and his poodle sister. Our poodle “Willow” and Harlee are the best of buddies, wrestle often and love to chase each other around the spruce tree in the backyard. He tricks her and runs the tree in the opposite direction catching her off guard, see how smart he is! When watching TV he puts on the barking run on every animal that appears, especially the “Telus” commercial animals. He loves to dive into any clothing pocket, remove and shred any tissue he finds, leaving the mess behind. He’s a cuddler, and when sleeping on the bed he needs to be touching one of us. Harlee is a great dog and we love him to bits!

Joyce & Lloyd Manning, Cochrane, AB

Amber & Theo

I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough for the loving and caring way she raises her dogs, as well as allowing us to visit the puppy in her home several times until pup was ready to come live with us. Cathy has become a good friend whose advice I respect and have sought on numerous occasions, and a big bonus for us is that she will board dogs that come from her kennel when we want to take a trip. Amber is a strong, healthy happy girl, and as luck would have it, a little male became available to us soon after we got Amber, so we are now the happy caregivers of two healthy, delightful Yorkies.

Sincerely, Pat


Yorkhaven gave me the best experience of my life. I learnt so much from Cathy and her family, and I’m so greatful Cathy has given me the gift of Moonie. He is honestly the best thing that happened to my family and me. The tricky devil brings warmth and love to our family and we’re learning about him and his crazy ways everyday…we just can’t keep up!

Julie and Brian


Our Family first met Cathy and Yorkhaven after searching the internet for a possible family pet. I wanted something cute, cuddly, spunky and loveable!!! Cathy …and all the Yorkies fit the bill!!!! We had lost our Lahasa Apso named Murphy 2 years prior and I thought no dog could ever replace her. We headed out to Standard to see the dogs and ended up putting our name on the waiting list for a puppy… It was love at first sight with all of the dogs that were there. With a busy household and 2 active boys Cathy thought we might be better suited to an older puppy… so we went out to meet Breeze!!! She was a year old at the time. Again, love at first sight! She is our Easy Breezy!! She fit into our home fabulously. Cathy is always only a phone call or an email away for any questions or concerns I may have. She is a wealth of information and answers all of my questions from teeth, to hair, to food, to squishy poop …and she keeps Breeze decked out with pretty bows and outfits!!! I have never met anyone so passionate and caring about what they do. It has been a great experience and the best part is that I have gained Cathy as a friend in the process!!

Thanx for our Girl , Cathy!!!

Sandy Todd Braydon Riley and of course Princess Breeze, Calgary AB


We are so glad we found Yorkhaven and adopted Annie. We were heartbroken when Meggie passed away, but Cathy was right that the fastest way to heal was to fill our hearts with love for another Yorkie. Annie is cute, intelligent, determined, brave and in short a perfect example of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. She is totally happy to be a cuddly lapdog, or to head out on a walk or other adventure. She brings us smiles every day!

Thank you Cathy and Ed.

Kathy & Bernie, Calgary


Our family had three yorkies before Genie so we thought we knew everything there was to know about yorkies. Little did we know what a wealth of knowledge Cathy is!! We have learned so much from Cathy.

Still after coming home with our “teeny weenie little Genie” we consider Cathy a great resource and friend!”

Thanks Cathy … The Boykos