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Whether you’re looking for a companion pet or a show dog, you are required to fill out a confidential questionnaire. Your questionnaire will not be shared with anyone. We will contact you with detailed information.

I want a companion pet                                                                         I want a show dog

The Yorkshire Terrier is the #1 Toy Breed for the past several years now. It’s not usual for any good breeder to have a pup ready-to-go. It is completely normal to have a deposit in place waiting for the next available pup with the reputable breeders across Canada.

Most important is buyer education.Your first step should be to visit the Canadian Kennel Club’s website (see our Partners page for a link). The site offers many tips to be sure you are picking your perfect breed that will fit to your lifestyle and desires in a pet. It is a place to learn the “breed standard” to know what to expect when you go see pups and parents.  Confirm the breeder is a CKC member in good standing by calling the CKC. Observe the breeder conforms to the Code of Practice set out in the member code of ethics. Breeding should be to improve, sustain, and promote the breed using excellent healthy dogs, not for profit from selling puppies from any two dogs.

It is most important to visit any potential breeder to meet all the dogs and pups in their home environment and to see where and how they are raised. Your relationship with the breeder is very important for future support.

By coming here you will see in person our dedication to this breed. We offer excellent value and a trustworthy guarantee of a quality, healthy, happy pet coming from a family tree full of champions, which speaks to their background genetic health and overall quality. We health test our dogs before breeding. Your pup will be raised in our home with much consideration given to proper nutrition, socialization, and a stimulated learning environment. YOUR PUPPY COMES WITH:

  • CKC registration.
  • Companion pets only – Sold on non-breeding contracts only as we keep breeding and showing with the Professionals!
  • Health guarantee to age two
  • Health record showing vet check, micro-chipped and vaccines up-to-date
  • Six weeks free health insurance
  • Detailed information booklet for puppy care & training
  • Puppy Gift Pack
  • Lifelong FRIENDLY EDUCATED support is here for you.

NOTE* If you work away from home all day, this may not be the breed for you.  A lunch-hour visit is not enough, sorry. We don’t want our puppy in a home where they will be alone all day;  they are TINY babies so it is not only unsafe but we want an enriched day with good training practices put in place throughout their life. However, we occasionally have older pups or young adults available that are able to be left unattended for longer periods. We welcome your inquiries about whichever age group fits your work schedule best. Please also note we won’t ship our pet Yorkies.