Breeding for Health, Temperament, Soundness, and Outstanding Beauty!

Our Yorkies come from the TOP Canadian bloodlines with clear health lines and have loving personalities, exceptional beauty and excellent conformation.

A quality Yorkie should be a healthy size and a proper mix of a cuddly lapdog, an alert guard dog and a perpetual playful puppy! They are small but THINK they are big and will not back down from other dogs no matter what their size. It is important to keep them safe from harm.

We strive to do the best we possibly can for this outstanding breed, taking great care with genetic decisions in order to produce the healthiest dogs with the best temperaments for you, for other show exhibitors and for us. We offer quality pet puppies for the pet oriented family, as well as outstanding show potential pups (to qualified show exhibitors only). While we keep the show-potential pups to grow up, the quality littermates are placed at 12 weeks of age and are well-rounded, outgoing, healthy pets usually by deposit ahead of time. We have proven our dogs in the show ring. But the advantage to those looking for that perfect pooch is that your puppy comes from these same outstanding generations of only “pick-of-the-litter” dogs chosen for their outstanding qualities and healthy background.

As such, your pup from us will not only be guaranteed a healthy, happy puppy but will look like and act like a proper purebred Yorkshire Terrier should; highly intelligent, social, brave, curious, with an aire of importance, and of course a bit mischievous!

Inquire about our Yorkies

Whether you’re looking for a companion pet or a show dog, you are required to fill out a questionnaire. Upon receipt of completed questionnaire, we will contact you with detailed information about what’s available now or in the near future, pictures and pricing. We will ask at that time to arrange a casual, no obligation visit to our home.