Breeding for Health, Temperament, Soundness, and Outstanding Beauty!

My reputation with show peers is solid and built from mutual respect.

My reputation in the show ring is that of consistent wins and high achievements by my dogs.

My reputation with my pet clients is the most rewarding and sincere accomplishment of all.

US: Since becoming empty-nesters in 2007, my husband Ed and I now live in a small rural community with deep family roots. We both take an active role in our community organizations because we strongly believe in volunteerism, and supporting local. I also have my dog clubs and commitments.

THE DOG WORLD: I was drawn to the Yorkie breed and the show world of purebreds as a young lady before marriage and children.Through education, marriage and young children, my activities showing and breeding my Yorkies was limited. But I studied all I could to keep up with the show scene and to learn about my breed! Knowing the background pedigrees of dogs and the pioneer breeders who made significant contributions to the breed helped me make good choices once I was able to commit appropriate time.

For the past 20 years I have dedicated most of my time to my sport, starting over with THE top lines in Canada (we win over the US lines often!). I was able to study under and become friends with (world) renowned breeders. My dedication to careful, selective breeding PAID OFF and I have many generations of Yorkhaven born and raised Champions here and in other countries.I have shown in both Canada and the USA.

We have consistently produced outstanding well-rounded dogs with personality plus and exceptional beauty. This can clearly be seen in the show ring as well as in the home of pet owners. Often my kennel name will be found in the top 10 yorkies of Canada, and have some prestigious wins earned in the US. Our puppies are of the highest possible pedigree and simply, a cut above the rest. Parents are health tested and bred at appropriate age only, with careful consideration and purpose to create that exclusive bossy yet playful Yorkie temperament dog families have come to love. They are raised in our home in a wonderful rural setting with the best methods (old and new proven practices)

2022: After showing and breeding this tiny spirited dog for almost four decades I am finally winding down. These days, I have the privilege of spending most of my time at home with my Yorkies although we have two businesses that keep us busy also. Since the pandemic shut down the shows, I have fallen into this laid back idyllic life, really, and I’m grateful.

I will still show the odd outstanding Yorkie, but I will have limited litters. I will continue to offer top quality companions for the distinguished buyer and show prospect pups to the experienced exhibitor, as well as my long list of clientele over the years who are ready for another Yorkhaven Yorkie to complete their family.

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