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My Yorkies originated generations back from the TOP world-winning Canadian champion bloodlines  (Durrer in strength, Rigair) with top long-time winning European lines also (Hunderwood). As a CKC member, we are encouraged by the Code of Ethics to mentor others to this sport. Through the years I have shared outstanding show dogs with other show exhibitors and have mentored several newcomers to the sport, sharing outstanding foundation dogs with them. If you happen to see some similarities with wording in other websites, this is likely someone I mentored.

The name Yorkhaven was registered  to me in 1985, as a young woman with a passion and a vision, which I still hold strong today! Yorkhaven has been awarded with Permanent registration for many years now. This accolades comes only after strict criteria of showing successes is achieved. Yorkhaven Yorkies are A CUT ABOVE THE REST; highly intelligent, curious, brave and yet cuddly with exceptional beauty and proper structure, proven by their show records and multi-country champion titles.


We strive to do the best we can for this outstanding little toy terrier breed, taking great care with our breeding decisions to produce beautiful and healthy dogs with proper temperament for our own show dogs,  other show exhibitors, and for the preferred pet owner. All of our parents are health tested FIRST for every DNA marker currently available through Embark Veterinary, a Cornell University research partner. We also regularly test eyes and heart through available clinics offered.

This is the most effective way to produce healthy puppies, with an understanding of the full genetic makeup of your dog BEFORE choosing to breed her/him. This protocol goes one giant step further than  the minimum health testing recommended by the OFA to give us more knowledge. For example, OFA eye exams identify dogs that are affected or clear of PRA by exam, but it cannot tell those that are simply “carriers” that may produce puppies with PRA , when bred to another “carrier”. (When bred to a non-carrier, there is no risk at all as these genes are required from each parent.)

We offer quality pet puppies for the pet oriented family, as well as outstanding show prospect pups (to qualified show exhibitors only). The advantage to those looking for that perfect pooch is firstly, peace of mind where your pup has come from. But also the pride to know your puppy comes from  generations of “pick-of-the-litter” dogs from top kennels and our generations of top show dogs, chosen for their outstanding qualities and health, and now DNA’d in full.  As such, your pup from us will look like and act like a proper purebred Yorkshire Terrier should; highly intelligent, social, brave, curious, cuddly, with an aire of importance, and of course a bit mischievous!

A Yorkie should be approximately 2.5-3 lbs at 12 weeks old, and a healthy adult size of 4.5-7 lbs. They are a perpetual playful puppy and very loyal to their person! Yorkies are one of the tiniest breeds but THINK they are big and will not back down from other dogs no matter what their size.  It is important to be home full-time with a young pup to keep them safe from harm. 

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With an unprecedented number of puppy inquiries, I will not be taking deposits or applications for the time being. 

Please keep in mind this means there may be many more scams & unscrupulous people waiting to cash in on this demand. There are not enough good breeders to satisfy the current demand. Quality and health will definitely suffer. Buyers Beware. 

Please keep checking back and I will post an update when I resume taking applications.

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