THREE KEY DISINFECTING PRODUCTS I use for animal husbandry as well as at our small rural grocery store, Christensen’s Clover Farm. I believe in their SAFETY, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and the efficacy SO much that I personally pursued becoming the sole distributor in Western Canada (4 provinces). 

  1. AQUAKLOR NO MIXING, NO RINSING, NO HARMFUL RESIDUE Environmentally Friendly – Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi ONE Simple Step: Disinfect, Sanitize, & Eliminate Odour! I have used the AQUAKLOR system since 2015. Now I am excited to offer you two more complementary disinfectants, each for different applications.
  2. TRIOSAN is a highly CONCENTRATED DISINFECTANT CLEANER, non-irritating to skin at use dilutions. This can be used where a bucket and mop is best practice.
  3. PDQ Disinfectant Cleaner For those interested in a NO-MIX, NO-RINSE SPRAY TRIGGER BOTTLE Disinfectant, I am proud to offer you this newest product, And it works Pretty Darn Quick!

AQUAKLOR Safe for People, Pets & Plants. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!